November 2018 Wrap Up! // I finally read some books?!

Good morning, afternoon, or evening, everyone! Dang I've been on a roll. I actually posted this month...more than once! *the proudness I have for myself shall take over the shame any minute now 😂* Anyways, let's spill some tea and here we goooooo Warning: You are entering the cringey *long* writing zone...don't say i didn't... Continue Reading →


First Lines: 10 Amazing First Lines! // The Importance Of First Lines?

Hey everyone! How are y'all doing? I hope you're having good weather and etc. Who's ready for winter? (because I'm not...) *why am I such an awkward person 🤦‍♀️* I thought it would be fun to create this post and share some amazing quotes/first lines. I'm not going to have a posting schedule for a... Continue Reading →

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