Best Books Of 2018! // The l o v e

Hello lovely people! I am back with another 2018 related post 😂 It's already almost the second month of 2019, and yet I'm still publishing stuff that involves last year... And can y'all guess my next post? *insert awkward silence* Well that's right everyone! My next post will be the Worst Books of 2018! 😁 So... Continue Reading →


September 2018 Wrap Up! // I’m back y’all *evil laugh*

Hey everyone! I'mmm bacccckkk *ish* That's right. Your gal is alive *ish*. I'm so excited that October is now upon us and autumn is finally here! But that means September is over and we're moving closer to the end of 2018! Wow I've already forgotten how I do these wrap ups without making it a... Continue Reading →

July 2018 Book Wrap Up

Hey everyone! July is finally over, so I present to you my July wrap up. So I'm just going to list the books I read this month and give a quick personal opinion. And as usual, I'll leave the link for each book (from Goodreads). Here we goooooo DISCLAIMER: As usual these are my personal opinions.... Continue Reading →

June 2018 Book Wrap Up!

Hey everyone! June is finally over, so I thought it'd be fun to do a June wrap up post. I would do a July TBR but I honestly don't know what books I will or want to read. I kind of just go for it 😂 So i'm just going to list the books and give... Continue Reading →

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