Bookish Life Tips // Friendly Advice From One Bookish Person To Another ;)

Hello and welcome to my tiny unimportant part of the internet. If you're like me, then you mostly suck at life. Organization, and the whole nine yards. So I'm here today to share some things that I have discovered over the years. Most of these are given, meaning it's part of a bookish person's common... Continue Reading →


Tips For Starting Calligraphy!

Hey everyone! So I decided to make a post on tips for starting calligraphy. I find that sometimes some inspiration helps. I really hope that you'll enjoy this post and find it useful! Here we goooooo First, I wanted to say that I'm grateful that I could pick up calligraphy because I'm left handed and that... Continue Reading →

Tips For Starting A Bullet Journal!

Hi everyone! I decided (finally) to make a post for bullet journaling 😊 I actually recently started bullet journaling but I knew that i would want to incorporate it into my blog! Here we goooooo 1. Find a good sturdy journal It's super important to find a journal that's good inside and out! You want a... Continue Reading →

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