Tips For Starting Calligraphy!

Hey everyone! So I decided to make a post on tips for starting calligraphy. I find that sometimes some inspiration helps. I really hope that you'll enjoy this post and find it useful! Here we goooooo First, I wanted to say that I'm grateful that I could pick up calligraphy because I'm left handed and that... Continue Reading →


Tips For Starting A Bullet Journal!

Hi everyone! I decided (finally) to make a post for bullet journaling 😊 I actually recently started bullet journaling but I knew that i would want to incorporate it into my blog! Here we goooooo 1. Find a good sturdy journal It's super important to find a journal that's good inside and out! You want a... Continue Reading →

Things To Do On The 4th Of July!

Hi everyone! July 4th is tomorrow, so I got the idea to make this post (in the middle of staring off into space 😂). In the future I'll make more of the "tips" and "things to do" posts. Let's get into it; Hope you enjoy! 1. Go to the beach  I personally love the beach,... Continue Reading →

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