Best Books Of 2018! // The l o v e

Hello lovely people! I am back with another 2018 related post 😂 It's already almost the second month of 2019, and yet I'm still publishing stuff that involves last year... And can y'all guess my next post? *insert awkward silence* Well that's right everyone! My next post will be the Worst Books of 2018! 😁 So... Continue Reading →


Last Lines: 10 Mind-Blowing Last Lines! // The Importance Of Last Lines?

Hey hey y'all! Yours truly just had the most brilliant idea *I'm pretty sure people have already done this, buttttttt 😂* So recently I did the "Amazing First Lines" post, and now I have decided to do a "Mind-blowing Last Lines" post!!! Both are super important and kind of fun to read about, so here I... Continue Reading →

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