October Updates/ Wrap Up! // Exciting Announcements?!

Hey everyone! It’s time for another monthly update. Is this update super duper late? Yup, it’s already the end of October but that’s A-OKAY. Ya know it’s gonna be amazing if it’s like 2 weeks late 😂 *whoopsies*

Also, there is a very special, big announcement towards the end of this post! So if you wanna skip all my boring life updates, please just scroll all the way down (or towards the end), and you’ll see it there! 

Petite Warning: Beware of ranting and many grammatical errors

Tbh October has been fine so far. Just procrastination and studying are killing moi…

JK 😭  So I actually wrote that at the beginning of October, before everything….

✵  ✵  ✵

So let’s see. The week of Oct 8-Oct 12, I had 5 tests. Well that wasn’t too bad. I mean in the span of 3 weeks, I think I had about 15 tests? Not being dramatic at all.

And one of those tests happened to be my PSAT 😭 (I actually just finished an hour ago. Lol let’s count how many days it takes me to publish this post. It’s Oct 10th rn btw).

Clarification: I started writing this post on October 10th, and I was curious to see how many days it would take for me to publish this lol. Only took about 24 days ya know…


✵  ✵  ✵

So with all that crazy stuff happening, have I had the chance to read?

My answer is surprisingly yes, but mostly no 🙈 I did get a couple of opportunities to get some reading in…ok not a lot of reading, but reading nonetheless! I reread Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo, and started Strange The Dreamer by Laini Taylor! Which brings me to my next question…

Am I currently reading anything?

I’m around page 280 of Strange The Dreamer by Laini Taylor! If you follow my instagram or goodreads, then you may know that I am loving it so far. Laini Taylor has such an amazing way with words! If you haven’t read any of her books, I definitely recommend checking them out!

What do I plan on reading next? 

Well according to the TBR list I never follow, my next book is A Darker Shade Of Magic by VE Schwab. I swear I am determined to read it, but y’all might know that I’m major mood reader (whoopsies?). To continue the list, I have Beneath Sugar Skies by Seanan McGuire, Sea of Strangers by Lang Leav and many others.

OK ANOTHER CLARIFICATION: I wrote this part about…2 weeks ago?!?! I actually just finished The Darkest Star by Jennifer L. Armentrout, which is my first read of November. So technically I haven’t finish Strange The Dreamer, and my next book was not A Darker Shade of Magic…😁

Do I have any book related things going on? 

Have I mentioned that my life is super boring? 😂 Well for my bookstagram, I am now at 600 followers so thank you to all you lovely people. I’ve had the best time meeting and making new friends on instagram, and I’m so glad I get to talk to someone new almost everyday! So if you would like to check my bookstragram out, you can here or @day_dreamer394! Talk about that shameless small self promotion.



✵  ✵  ✵

Big Announcements!

Announcement 1:

So if y’all are following my bookstagram, then you may already know that I recently got the amazing chance to become a November rep for the spectacular bookmark shop called LaflilaBookmarks. It’s an amazing bookmark store on etsy, ran by the sweetest girl named Nuša. So if you want high quality, amazing, bookmarks (for a low price), please check her shop out here and her instagram here. You can use my code “DREAMINGOFPIZZA10” to get 10% off your purchase 😉

I hope it’s not too blurry! This pic is on my instagram, if you’d like to see it in better quality! 🙂 

Announcement 2:

And to follow up my announcement of being a rep, Nuša (about a little over a month ago) offered me the amazing opportunity to design a collab bookmark with her! I mean I basically almost died when she asked me *true story* Anywho, you can it check out here. It will be in store sometime in early or mid November! So if you’re into The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare, please check it out! 😉

Let’s Chat! 

How was your October? Have you been enjoying the sweater weather?

What are y’all reading, or planning on reading?

Do you have a bookstagram? If so, leave your account username so I can check you out!

Dang that took me a long time. I wish I could sit here all day, but I have another math test on Monday so it’s time for moi to dash again *cries*. That was a lot of info now that I think of it…I hope my posts aren’t too lengthy or boring. If they are, please please please let me know and I’ll try to make it better *somehow*. 

Thank you so much to everyone who is still here to support me and this blog! Y’all have been the best and I can’t wait to chat with y’all. I hope you have a good day or night! 💞


2 thoughts on “October Updates/ Wrap Up! // Exciting Announcements?!

Add yours

  1. KAT! Okay first of all, I love this entire post and props to you for getting it up with all that’s happening in your life right now. All the schoolwork and the tests and ahhhh that’s a lot😅 Also I completely forgot about the PSAT until you just mentioned it but oh my goodness that was NOT a fun one! Not at all. Nope.

    OOOH The Darkest Star! I keep forgetting about that. Did you like it? Also I’m forever hyping Strange the Dreamer and A Darker Shade of Magic so I hope you end up finishing both BUT being a mood reader is way too relatable so I understand😂 Strange the Dreamer is especially something you have to be in the mood for, ya know?? Like it’s so good but it actually took me ages to want to pick it up. So I get you!

    CONGRATS ON 600 BOOKSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS KAT 🎉 I’m so happy for you! And I’m glad you’ve found some good friends on there YAY!

    OKAY AND MORE CONGRATS ON BECOMING A REP FOR A BOOKMARK SHOP! WHAAAT this is so cool! Also I’m kind of (more like extremely) freaking out over that TID bookmark right now. LIKE REALLY FREAKING OUT. That’s my all time fave series (next to HP) AND that is my absolute favorite quote from it😍😭 I think I’m going to have to buy it aghhh I love it so, so, so much. You guys did such a great job with it!

    Anyway I hope you have a wonderful November and good luck with everything at school! I know things are difficult and stressful right now but just remember they won’t always be that way💖 You’ve got this, Kat!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Brianna! There are no words to explain how grateful I am for all your kind words. I literally read your comment after I took my math quiz (I’m pretty sure I failed), and I felt way better. School is pushing all my buttons tbh and I’m here trying not to have an emotional breakdown every 5 minutes 😅

      The Darkest Star was amazing! It was everything I hoped for and more. I highly recommend that you read it 😉
      I swear being a mood reader is the center of all my TBR problems lmao.
      I definitely agree though; Strange The Dreamer needs like all your focus and attention in order to fully understand what’s going on. I want to pick it up, but every time I go back to it, I would have to reread a chapter or two (that came before) because my memory is just that BAD 😂

      THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR ALL THE CONGRATS AND KINDNESS BRIANNA! You saying that honestly makes me so happy ☺️💗 ALSO I’M SO GLAD YOU LIKE THE TID BOOKMARK! (wait did you go onto instagram to see it? Cuz I’m pretty sure I didn’t leave a pic in this post 😂 But then again I have the memory of a 90 years old woman)
      You should definitely buy it when it’s in the shop lmao *wink wink wink*
      Also HARRY POTTERRRR *insert mcgonagall voice* DID SOMEONE SAY HARRY POTTERRRRR! 😂 And yes, TID is amazing. I haven’t read TMI or TDA, but I swear I will (again TBR problems)

      I hope you have an amazing November too! I will try to be more active on Goodreads so we can talk…*sigh* the only thing I’ve done there was update my books. I haven’t talked to people on there in FOREVER *whoopsies*
      Thank you thank you Brianna! I definitely hope things will get better! WE got this Brianna 😂🖤


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