September Updates! // Bookstagram? // Bullet journal pics!

Hello my lovely readers! How are y’all doing? I hope you’re having an amazing month (so far at least). I really miss getting to chat with y’all and getting to make a bunch of posts. MY 👏 PLAN 👏 DID 👏 NOT 👏 WORK👏 I’m literally so disappointed in myself right now. I was supposed to post every other day, but here we are…7 days later. I’m so sorry everyone 😭 

Well now let’s jump right into my updates…

So why did I think September would be an easier month? My life just got more hectic and busy haha *dies* My stress and anxiety levels have gone all the way up and I feel like I’m drowning *cries* Can anyone else relate?


Sheldon in this scene is an accurate representation of how I feel inside…

✵  ✵  ✵

Reading update: Have I been reading? 

So far in the month of September I’ve read 2 books; one reread and the other for the first time. And what are those two books? My reread was Stalking Jack The Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco (in honor of her third book Escaping From Houdini, which came out on the 18th!). And my first time read was *drumroll 🥁* Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo! Yes I finally decided to pick up this wonderful book 😊

Am I currently reading anything?

I just started Escaping From Houdini, which is my most anticipated read of September! I’m only like 20-30 pages in and I already love it so much 😊


HAHA Pic from my bookstagram! Ignore my weird a** feet and my terrible sock tan. I don’t know why it’s so blurry, but it’s a better pic if you look at it on a different platform 😂

What do I plan on reading?

I’m a major mood reader, but as of right now I plan on reading Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo after EFH. Then afterwards Strange The Dreamer by Laini Taylor and A Darker Shade Of Magic by VE Schwab. But we’ll see how I do 😂

Do i have any other book related things going on? 

Well I was originally gonna do an announcement on here, but that was about 2 months ago *whoops*. Anyways, I created a bookstagram account a couple of months ago and I just reached 200 followers ☺️ I’ll leave the link here. Let me know if you have an account so I can check it out! (and mine is @day_dreamer394 if you don’t want to use the link)

Oh ya! I’m also hosting an Escaping From Houdini read along (with a lovely girl named Chloe), so let me know here or contact me on Instagram if you’re interested in joining! 

Other than blogging and instagram I don’t think I have anything else. Actually, I’ve finally made progress with my bullet journal! 😂 I’ve been making autumn collages because I’m so excited for all the warm sweaters and hot chocolate (who else is ready for autumn? Also here are some pics of my bullet journal!)
IMG_7215.jpg  IMG_7216.jpg

Sooo basically Harry Potter was my cover page theme, then I have some quotes that I love right now…

IMG_7217.jpg  IMG_7218.jpg

And I wrote some of my fav song lyrics (of right now) and then I made a small collage.

This isn’t my whole spread for September, but this is just a peek *wink* 😂

✵  ✵  ✵

Well I’m not sure how to end this post in a non-awkward way…haha. Please ignore all the grammatical errors and just the overall cringyness of this post 😅

Let’s Talk! 

What have you been up to this month? What books have you read so far?

What are some things that you do to destress and relax? What’s your favorite hobby?

Do you have a bookstagram (or instagram in general)? Let me know!

Thank you to everyone who has suck by me so far! Y’all mean the world to me. I’m going to try my best to post accordingly to my plan, but I have two tests tomorrow so I gotta blast right now. I hope you’re having a good day or night 💞


13 thoughts on “September Updates! // Bookstagram? // Bullet journal pics!

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  1. Kat I love your posts so much!! This was SO MUCH fun to read. I feel like you’re always so authentic in everything you write and it makes reading your posts that much better💞

    Ooh I hope you enjoy Crooked Kindgom!! Still have to read Grisha and SoC, but I’ll get there… eventually😅 But ohhh MY GOODNESS I see A Darker Shade of Magic is in your plans. If you read it, I will talk about it with you nonstop. SERIOUSLY! It’s so good. But I can completely relate on being a mood reader so I understand that’s it’s hard to plan ahead😂😂 Ugh the struggle!!

    CONGRATS ON 200 FOLLOWERS ON YOUR BOOKSTAGRAM, YOU DESERVE IT! 🎉 I sadly don’t have a Bookstagram anymore (or else I’d be following you for sure) but I just looked at your account and I LOOOVE it! It’s so pretty!!

    And WOW your bullet journal is pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m loving all the HP!

    I hope you have a great rest of September, and that things start to settle down so you aren’t so busy/stressed! Please don’t worry about trying to get blog posts up if you’re feeling the pressure; I get it, and I’ll still be here for your posts in the future! Take care💗💗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my gosh thank you so much Brianna 😭💞 You are so sweet and kind. And right back at ya! I absolutely love your posts and how original and inspiring you are.

      LOL I hope you can get to SoC soon so we can chat about it! Actually I will chat about any book with you because honestly talking to you is so much fun. AND OUI MADEMOISELLE that is ADOSM you see 😂 I swear I’ll read it soon and I’ll let you know when I finish it so we can talk about all the gossip and whatnot 😂
      And yes, the struggle is real (and it’s bad).

      Aw thank you so much! You saying that makes me so happy 😊 But if you ever create a bookstagram account (again lol), let me know and we can talk about books and other weird stuff on there (lol).

      Ahhh thank you! My soul can’t handle all of your super sweet compliments (aka I’m so bad at responding to compliments…does that happen to you or am i that weird?)
      I’m not sure why, but whenever i add pics to my posts they get all blurry and messed up. I swear the pics were all better when I put them in 😭
      The HP spread cover took me about an hour and a half lmao. The watercolor Hogwarts took the longest because I had to sketch it out first and I generally suck at watercolor (or any type of art for that matter)😂

      Thank you thank you thank you Brianna! I hope you have an amazing rest of September too! Honestly just talking to you here makes it all worth it because I know that people still care 💞 I honestly don’t feel pressured to write posts, and I really enjoy it, but I just need to find time (aka at 1am in the morning). I might not get a lot of posts out for now, but I will definitely be here to read through all of your amazing posts and watch you grow! 💗

      Liked by 1 person

      1. THANK YOU💗💗💗 Right back at ya!!

        Yesss we need to discuss all books ever! But especially SoC (because I’ll prob need someone to talk with about how good it is) and also Shades of Magic (because I ALWAYS need more people to freak out with about this series). AHH so many good books coming up for both of us!! I’m hyped.

        I’ve actually been considering making a Bookstagram again at some point! I feel like once I have more time I’ll get started on one. I remember the whole community being so nice, plus pretty book pictures are the BEST. I’ll let you know if I make one 🙂

        Hahaha SAME I can never get across just how grateful I am for kind compliments so I feel you. Also WordPress is the actual worst when it comes to uploading photos!! They always upload so blurry and I hate it. WHYYY WordPress! But I can still see how cute your bullet journal is and I seriously freaking LOVE that watercolor Hogwarts!! You do not suck at art: THAT IS TALENT!!!

        Aw okay good I’m glad you’re not feeling the pressure to post. And also SAAAME I’m honestly always writing blog posts in the middle of night😅 It’s a problem lol.
        Thanks again for being the nicest💞 I always love to chat with you!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes! We shall discuss SoC when you read it and we shall discuss ADSOM when I finally pick it up! And I know right. SO MANY GREAT BOOKS, but so little time to read *I cry*

        Yes definitely let me know! I’ll be your first follower ☺️ And yes, everyone (for the most part) is super welcoming and sweet on bookstagram! I literally cannot count how many awesome people I’ve become friends with in the past month 💗 But I totally understand what you mean. For bookstagram you have to get all the lighting, inspo, and editing. Sometimes it can take me forever 😭

        Hahah Ikr! Like WordPress step up your game please. It’s honestly so annoying, but what can we do?
        Thank you so much Brianna! And it’s not talent; it’s called luck 😂 I’m so lucky that it turned out ok…

        It’s a struggle and it’s a problem lmao. It’s low key unhealthy at this point haha. And right back at ya! Thank you so much for always being so welcoming and supportive 💞 And I always love chatting with you too!


  2. Thank you for your GR friend request Kat! Your answer tu my question made me smile (more like a grin) so I have to come and visit your blog! Really enjoyed this post! 💃
    So many of the books I live here! Glad to hear you are enjoying Escaping From Houdini And A BUJO! I’m obsessed with BuJos!! Congrats on your 200 bookstagram followers! Well 224 + me = 225! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you Daniela! you have amazing posts too 😉
      Haha I’m obsessed with bujos too (especially when people make aesthetically pleasing videos about them on youtube 😂).
      And yes, thank you for following me and making it 225! 🙈💞

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Your bullet journal is so beautiful! I hope you feel better; I can relate to the fact that I am sooo busy now that school’s started. Also don’t be so hard on yourself about posting; once a week is such a great number! I’ve been posting a lot less too 😦 but that’s okay as long as blogging is fun when I do have the time to write 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you so much lovely! And thank you for saying that 💞Blogging is so much fun for me and a way to distress but….😭
      You’re doing amazing though! I always enjoy reading your posts 😊
      Okay honestly at this point, being stressed about school is a mood 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I can definitely relate!! September has been so busy going back to school, It’s really hard to adjust to. Good luck on those tests haha Also your pictures and bullet journal are so beautiful!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad someone else can relate 😅 And thank you *cries b/c I just failed my french and math test lmao*
      Also another big thank you. I really appreciate the all the love and support! 💞

      Liked by 1 person

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