Best Books Of 2018! // The l o v e

Hello lovely people! I am back with another 2018 related post 😂 It's already almost the second month of 2019, and yet I'm still publishing stuff that involves last year... And can y'all guess my next post? *insert awkward silence* Well that's right everyone! My next post will be the Worst Books of 2018! 😁 So... Continue Reading →


Wrapping Up 2018 & Hello 2019…

Hey everyone! I know this post is very late (considering the topic), but I wanted to do it anyways. And y'all probably already know that I tend to be late with with everything 🤦‍♀️ So 2018 was a crazy year, and I have a feeling that 2019 might be crazier... Here we gooooo Warning:... Continue Reading →

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